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10 Frame Winter Hive Wrap

10 Frame Winter Hive Wrap

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We recommend this winter beehive wrap for particularly windy areas.

This Bee Cozy winter hive wrap will keep your bees tucked in through cold weather!

This extra thick beehive wrap will cover a colony with two deep hive bodies plus one medium hive body, or a colony with up to four medium hive bodies, sliding right over the colony. It is designed perfectly for 10 frame wooden hive equipment.

This hive wrap is one piece that slides over your colonies, giving them some added warmth and comfort during the cold winter months. The UV-treated polypropylene wraps contain environmentally-friendly R8 fiberglass. Just the insulating layer your bees need to winter successfully.

Note: Winter hive wraps are not needed on BeeMax hives. They can be slightly modified for use on 8 frame equipment.

Hint: To make for an easier installation, push out all the air from the cover before placing on your hive. It should be a tight fit.

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