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Beeyond Honey Apiaries & Supplies

Bee Lining Boxes

Betterbee offers bee lining boxes, kits, and other equipment for the aspiring bee hunter. Bee lining, also called bee coursing or bee hunting, uses the flightpath of foragers returning to the hive—the“bee line”—to help locate the hive. Bee hunters use bee lining boxes to capture, feed, and release foragers to help determine the location of a hive. They bait the second, hinged compartment of the bee lining box, then capture a bee within the chamber. The captured bee bee feasts on the bait, then heads home to share the location with the other workers, who return to the bee lining box to partake, then return to the hive—creating a bee line that may be followed. The bee hunter gradually moves the bee lining box along the flight path, and may eventually track down the feral bee's hive or bee tree.

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