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Beeyond Honey Apiaries & Supplies
10 Fr Screened Bottom Board

10 Fr Screened Bottom Board


Our beehive screened bottom board features an extra-deep 4-3/4" landing board and plastic corrugated monitoring tray. A screened bottom board not only increases ventilation in your hive but also assists in monitoring varroa levels. To monitor for varroa mites, insert tray for 24 hours and then count the mite drop. Some run mite drops for 72 hours and divide the total by 3 for the daily number of mites. 

During cold periods, leave the tray installed to reduce drafts to the hive. If you prefer to use a solid plastic "lunch" tray, select the "no tray" option, and purchase a tray. You will also need a solid bottom board to create clearance for the solid tray. You do not need a solid bottom board if using the optional flat corrugated tray.

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